Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Cezanne

    • Smoothing From the Inside Out

    • Smoothing From the Inside Out Quiz

  • 2

    Cezanne Theory

    • Agenda, Why Cezanne

    • What's in a Name

    • Cezanne is Naturally Safe

    • Active Ingredients

    • Treatment Options

    • The Consultation

    • Ease of Use

    • Branding

    • Cezanne Theory Quiz

  • 3

    Classic and Ultimate Blonde Treatment Application

    • Step by Step PDF

    • Preparing the Hair

    • Sectioning and Treatment Application

    • The Professional Rinse

    • The Meticulous Blow-Dry

    • Smoothing Step

    • Final Finish and Aftercare

    • Cezanne Classic Application Quiz

    • Ultimate Blonde

  • 4

    Express Blonde and Express Treatment Application

    • Prep and Application Tutorial

    • The Professional Rinse

    • Meticulous Blow-Dry

    • Smoothing and Finishing Tips

    • Final Finish and Aftercare

    • Express and Express Blonde Quiz

  • 5

    Cezanne Best Practices

    • Step 4 Processing Slide

    • The Professional Rinse

    • The Professional Rinse Quiz

    • Color Tips and Tricks

    • Pro Tips and Best Practices

    • Color Tips and Best Practices Quiz


Erica Engstrom

Cezanne Technical Specialist

Growing up on the eastern end of Long Island, NY, Erica noticed lots of beautiful beachy hair and low maintenance styles that allowed people to be active and have fun without the limitations. Low maintenance and natural styling have become a major part of her career and clientele. Erica is passionate about healthy hair and products that are safe for clients and stylists. The first half of her career, she refused to do any sort of keratin treatments because of the formaldehyde content, although missing out on a large ticket service, she knew in the long run, it was an investment in her health. Cezanne Professional was a natural choice for Erica because of the ingredients, safety, and quality results for clients/stylists. After joining the education team in 2016, she has never looked back- silky, hydrated hair that is manageable will always be in style.